Rehab centres

Rehab Centres – If you feel you may need drug or alcohol rehabilitation, we are pleased to announce we have drug and alcohol rehab centres available throughout the UK. We also offer the most affordable programmes available. So wherever you are, we will have a rehab centre near you.  

Rehab centres – Types of rehab centres

There are two different types of rehab centre available. We have what is call quasi residential and fully residential. Quasi residential is basically where you live in a house supplied by the centre which is normally within a mile of the centre, and you go in everyday and go back to the house every evening. There is a manager who lives in the house, so its not like the client is left on their own in the evenings, for obvious reasons. The fully residential is where the centre has its sleeping arrangements at the centre itself. Both systems have proved to be highly successful, so it really is a matter of choice. Quasi residential always tends to be less expensive than fully residential.